System Control Unit

EPC-50/32 Control Unit


When Considering Water (Aqueous) Alarms or Water Leak Detection Systems, Consider the EPC Series Control Unit Featuring The Following:

  • Early Warning Annunciation
  • Water Alarm Monitoring
  • Lineal Leak Detection
  • Liquid Leak Detection
  • Other Sensor Monitoring
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Spot Leak Detection
  • Water Level Detection
  • Water Level Sensor Monitoring

Monitoring for water leaks (aqueous liquids) and other environment conditions is critical to the protection of moisture sensitive facilities. The damage that results from leaking or sweating pipes, clogged drains, ruptured storage tanks, or water and sewerage mains could be devastating.  The EPC series control unit is a microprocessor based water leak detection system. This leak detection system is a reliable, user friendly, programmable, stand alone system, and includes battery back-up. It is specifically designed to provide liquid leak detection and early warning due to a leak or water alarm conditions. The water leak detectors (or aqueous liquid leak detectors) are designed to allow the earliest alarm indication in order to avoid costly damage and downtime. The EPC series control, combined with our durable water leak detection components, provides liquid leak detection and protection against the dangers that most critical facilities face on a daily basis. Early warning for leak detection is the key to assets protection. Early warning prevents the disaster.

A Summary of Features and Capabilities

1. Micro-Processor Based Control

  • Monitors 1- 32 Zones/Inputs
  • Monitors each zone independently
  • Provides subsequent alarming, no matter how many zones go into ALARM or FAULT
  • Identifies location, time & date of all ALARM and FAULT conditions

2. LED Status Indicators


3. LCD Display - Alphanumeric

  • ALARM and FAULT Location, ID, time, date, and type alarm
  • Input values of specific zones or input sensors
  • Alarms in chronological order
  • Zone/Input specific program information review

4. Keypad Operation

  • Field programmable
  • Zone specific programming - type input, alphanumeric ID, alarm set points, etc.
  • Includes lockout feature to prevent tampering
  • Software program, user data and last alarm per zone / input, retained at power loss

5. Input Boards

  • 1-32 independently wired inputs / zone (identified as zones 1-32)
  • Independent zoning allows for a higher level of redundant protection and site customization - meet the needs of user

6. Calendar Clock

  • Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time

7. Zoned Water Leak Detection Systems - Multiple Device Monitoring

  • Leak detection of aqueous liquids (even de-ionized water)
  • Lineal leak detection tape
  • Spot detectors
  • Level detectors (sumps, drains, pans, etc.)
  • Other detectors may also be used
  • Sensitivity of each leak detection input / zone field adjustable, taking conditions into consideration in order to prevent nuisance alarms
  • Advanced Engineering - No electrolysis of leak detection sensors
  • Real-time readout of engineering units
  • High and Low set points field programmable

8. Two RS-232 Serial Interface Accommodate

  • Logging printer
  • Building Management Systems
  • Modem hook-up for dial out, etc.
  • Graphic annunciation

9. Optional By-Zone Form C Relay Interface Available (EPC-RI8)

  • Up to 32 ALARM outputs

Miscellaneous Features

  • Common, ALARM, FAULT, and HORN outputs
  • 24 hour - BATTERY BACK-UP
  • Power from outboard 12VAC UL listed power transformer
  • Surface or semi-flush mount, key-lockable, durable, steel cabinet, 14"H X 12"W X 4"D (355.6mm H x 304 8mm W x 101.6mm D)
  • Quality control - 100% - every control unit is burned in prior to shipping

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