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Spot Detector

N-2F Spot Detector

This water detector is specially designed for direct floor mounting. It sends an alarm signal indicating the presence of water or other aqueous liquids. It is applied in critical areas such as computer rooms, equipment rooms, basements, inside equipment, or drip pans, etc.


Three heavy-duty water detector probes, type 302 stainless steel, 1/4" (6.4mm) diameter. Liquid need only contact two detector probes for alarm


Three each stainless steel detector probes extending from a waterproof ABS plastic case, which is potted and includes internal end-of-line resistor and 6 foot, 2 conductor, 22 gauge pigtail


Height: 3/4"(19.1mm); Length: 3" (76.2mm); Width : 2" (50.8mm)

Level/Spot Detector Level/Spot Detector

N-2 Level/Spot Detector

Used with EWA System control unit, the N-2 liquid leak detector causes the unit to issue an alarm when an aqueous liquid, such as water, reaches a predetermined level/point. It is used in certain applications to detect the intrusion of water into a basement, drains, or sump areas, etc.

N-2: Typical Application's

Detector Wires:

Two heavy duty detection probes, type 302 stainless steel, 1/4" (6.4mm) diameter


Two each, heavy duty stainless steel liquid leak detector probes mounted in end cap of CPVC waterproof housing Unit includes internal end-of-line resistor and 6 foot, 2 conductor, 22 gauge pigtail. Furnished with mounting clamp


Length: 5" (127mm);
Diameter (without mounting clamp): 1 1/8" (28.6mm)

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