Lineal Liquid Leak-Detector

Liquid Detector Tape - Floor or Sub Floor Application
Liquid Detector Tape - Horizontal Pipe Application

Liquid Detector Tape - Vertical Pipe Application

B-11 Liquid Detector Tape

The lineal leak water detector tape design allows encirclement of equipment or potential sources of leaks. A warning will sound when as few as 2 drops (adjustable) of water (aqueous liquid) comes in contact with the tape. This is in stark contrast to spot detector systems that trigger the alarm if and when water hits the contact points. Early detection of leaks allows for corrective action to be implemented immediately, rather than after the flood has occurred. The tape is glued or strapped to the surface to be protected (floor, pipes, etc.) avoiding migration and bridging. Bridging allows water to flow under the cable and thus, avoid detection. The low profile of the B-11 helps to prevent damage as opposed to the higher profile cable used in some systems which can be easily snagged, dragged and/or damaged.

Redundancy through multiple zoning.

When the liquid leak detector tape is properly applied, potential sources of water leakage are completely surrounded. The many "zones" that are formed serve to confine the area of detection and provide added or redundant zones of protection. These small zones serve to pinpoint the location of the leak. Unlike cable detection systems that use the "unizone" method and are incapable of monitoring other zones when there is an active alarm, the EWA System provides multiple supervised protective loops. This allows for the ability to continue detection and warning, even when there is an active Alarm or Fault in other zones or sensors.

Detector Wires:
Non-ferrous (non-magnetic), type 304 stainless steel, 22 gauge
Carrier Material:
Specially woven for proper wicking or capillary action
Two stainless steel detection wires inserted into carrier/tape with 7/16" (11.1mm) spacing for nuisance alarm prevention
Width: 1 1/8" (28.6mm);
Length/Roll: 250 feet (76.2m)
Usually applied in lengths of 100 feet (30.5m) or less per zone. Maximum allowable length per zone - 2000 feet (609.6m)

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