The HYDRO-Temp brand, EWA (Early Warning Alarm) Leak Detection System, is one of the most unique and effective early warning systems used for detecting and annunciating water and other aqueous liquid leaks and environment conditions in order to prevent a disaster.

Early warning of environmental conditions is crucial for the protection of critical facilities and equipment from damage due to water leaks (moisture) and/or temperature and humidity extremes. Damage that result from leaking or sweating pipes, clogged drains, ruptured storage tanks, temperature or humidity extremes can be disastrous. Statistics show that more insurance claims are filed because of water damage than from any other source. These claims include backed up sewer and drain lines, coolant lines, broken water lines, sprinkler discharges, roof leaks and almost any other sources of water. The EWA System early warning water detection alarms, prevent the DISASTER.

Because the potential for these problems and the accompanying losses are so great, business, industry and asset conscious concerns are turning to the HYDRO-Temp EWA System for protection to secure their valuable assets.

The EWA System is a complete stand-a-lone system and features Lineal Leak Detectors and Spot Detectors with any combination of which may be monitored using a single control unit. Our EPC microprocessor based control features 1-32 zones/inputs. Each zone/input monitors conditions in a specified area and may be individually programmed based upon the conditions for that specific area. So, any combination of detectors may be used with one common EPC series control unit.

The best news about the EWA System is that of economy. The HYDRO-Temp water leak detection system, used SINCE 1971, is more economical and reliable than most quality detection systems of its type. This system outlasts most of the facilities in which it is used.

The EWA System virtually eliminates nuisance alarms and other problems common to alarm type systems. The most common problem with so many competitive brands is the false alarm. The EWA System takes the aggravation of unwanted alarms out of the equation. Our zoned water leak detection systems allow for programming each zone/input, taking into consideration the ambient condition of each detection area, assures proper adjustment of the set points for annunciation actual conditions. Each zone/input is independent of all others and therefore the condition for each zone may be considered and set points values input without affecting other zones set points. This feature also allows for a high degree of redundancy which is essential to properly protect critical facilities.

The EWA System is used by local, state and federal government institutions, all military branches; private, commercial and industrial concerns (see our USERS and APPLICATIONS pages).

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