EWA Water Leak Detector Features

Early Warning Alarm for Water Leak Detection & Environment Monitoring

Monitoring environmental conditions is critical to the protection of moisture and/or temperature sensitive facilities and valuables. The damage that results from leaking or sweating pipes, clogged drains, ruptured storage tanks, temperature or humidity extremes can be absolutely devastating. Because the potential for these problems and the accompanying losses are so great, business, industry and asset conscious individuals are turning to the HYDRO-Temp Early Warning Alarm (EWA) System for protection to secure their valuable assets.

The EWA System, originally developed as a computer room leak detection system was originally developed in 1971, to protect computer installations and their recorded and stored data. The EWA System is applied wherever water and climate damage may occur. The EWA System consists of a solid state Control Unit, our unique lineal liquid detector tape and other water leak detector sensors that monitor and warn of liquid leaks and liquid levels, around the clock. In addition, users report exceptional reliability and minimal maintenance requirements for the EWA System. Moreover, the unique design of the EWA System prevents false or nuisance alarms.

EPC-50/32 Control Unit - Micro-processor Based Water Detection Alarms
  • Designed to meet user's needs - monitor up to 32 zones or inputs
  • Designed to accommodate various conditions of computer operations
  • Other applications include record storage facilities, museums, multi-story building, etc.
  • LCD display, 2 line X 16 alphanumeric characters
  • Keypad - operator interface for programming, viewing & lockout features
  • Monitors 1-32 independently wired inputs – accommodates redundancy
  • Multiple outputs, including RS-232 and optional by-zone relay interface available
    ... Common relay outputs -ALARM & FAULT and ALARM HORN
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity and alarm set points for each zone – This feature allows the user to avoid false or nuisance alarms
  • 24 hour Battery Back-up as a standard feature
  • Cost efficient & low maintenance expense

Water Leak Detector

  • Features our exclusive lineal leak detection
  • Spot & level detection

Early Warning Alarm at leak stage

  • Prevent, flood/disaster
  • Most floods are prevented when detected at leak stage

Lineal Leak Detection Tape - B-11

  • B-11 leak detector will detect de-ionized water & other aqueous liquids
  • Laid out in small zones surrounding potential source of leak
  • Grid Layout - for maximum degree of redundancy
  • Every inch glued to surface - avoids bridging, damage and migration
  • Sensitivity adjustable - by zone
  • Low profile - .5 mm high - avoids damage (not damaged when stepped on)
  • Lineal leak detection - superior to spot detection
  • No incidence of electrolysis
  • 2 year warranty

Redundant Detection Capability

  • Proper design allows redundancy - other zone(s) in close proximity
  • Subsequent or multiple alarm capability
    ... tracks flow or progress of leak

Zoned System

  • Inputs / Zones
    ... 1-32 inputs / zones per EPC Control Unit
  • Simultaneous multiple device monitoring & alarming
    ... Lineal leak detection using unique B-11 Liquid Detection Tape
    ... Water levels - sump, drains, etc.
    ... Spot Detection
    ... Other devices
  • Multiple outputs-RS-232, modem hook-up, by-zone & summary
    ... Remote annunciation - summary and/or by-zone using optional EPC-RI8 relay output interface
    ... Corrective measures - sump pump activation, solenoid water cut-off, shutdown, etc.
    ... interface with computer or building management system

Low Service Profile

  • Easy to service and repair
  • Low long term maintenance costs
  • Satisfied customers since 1971

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