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In 1971 HYDRO-Temp first developed one of the most reliable and trouble free liquid leak detector and environment monitoring systems available on the world market. HYDRO-Temp brand products still lead the industry to this day. Reliable, low maintenance products have been a hallmark of the HYDRO-Temp brand.

HYDRO-Temp’s top priority is to bring the highest quality, most effective and user friendly liquid leak detector and environment monitoring equipment to the market place. Our commitment is to bring cost efficient, long lasting components together to create stand alone water alarm systems, while avoiding the mistakes that commonly occur with the manufacture and application of detection and warning equipment and systems. Quality, practicality, longevity and low maintenance is job one for HYDRO-Temp. We KISS everything we do. Note: KISS = Keep It Simple Smiley!

Keeping in mind the needs of the user, we aim to bring to the market place a product that, when properly applied, creates a high level of customer satisfaction, does what it was designed to do, and without problems or high maintenance costs. We intend to work closely with our liquid leak detector clients to accomplish this mission with as little frustration and anxiety as possible. Moisture or leak sensitive areas, facilities or equipment require a system designed in such a manner that it is flexible enough to meet the many variables or conditions surrounding your application. We make that our objective. And as a result, we have a very high satisfaction rate among our clients/users who become repeat customers. Many of our water detector customers have been with us for over 35 years.

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